Thursday, May 7, 2015

Contacting A Professional

I was very nervous about this phone call because talking on the phone with an adult has always been a challenge for me. Whether it be a parent or not, I'm always awkward and usually don't know what to say. After finally getting up the courage, I called and didn't receive an answer. I left a message but couldn't help but feel that if was pointless because usually big businesses and places always answer the phone. The next day, I called three more times, so to say I was frustrated, was a very big understatement. So realizing I should check all details, I checked the phone number and confirmed it was correct before sending an email. I still have not heard back from the email, but maybe it was for the best. This part of the project made me very frustrated and exasperated, as this was my 'big break' to help children in the community. 

This process definitely helped me grow in more ways than I can explain. I realized life is not all black and white. If you call someone, they are not going to always call back or answer. Some people just may simply not be interested in what you are seeking to do. I don't really know where to go from here. I have tried most ways of contacting the people that I think are most suited for the job and I have already gotten some of my friends from the swim team to help with the process. It is a real downer to stop dead in your tracks when it comes to something you are passionate about.

Findings Through Research

Originally I was organizing this event just to make an event for children. Now, it's so much more. The thought of actually having a part in decreasing the percentage of children drowning is an amazing feeling. While looking for places to hold the event, you realize some people don't know how passionate you are about something. There are many faults that you struggle through while trying to make the event happen. As I was researching for my questions, I found that I really want to work with smaller children who have a higher rate of not being able to swim. I also realized that I would not be able to do it all by myself, thus by making this a real and big event, I will need all of the help I can possibly get.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Changing Society Through Swimming

With my passion for swimming, I would like to set up a swim-a-thon. My swim team has set up many of these in the past and I would finally like to set up one of my own. Originally set up as to earn money for the club, I would like to change it around and earn money for a greater cause. The money would go to families in the YMCA community for swim lessons, as it is needed for everyone to know how to swim. 

I, myself, as a swimmer would help give lessons to smaller children who could be just entering the water for the first time and be flailing about, trying to stay above water. If they were to not be able were not able to swim, who knows how many lives we could lose from children drowning. The cost of swim lessons should not stop families from make sure their children are safe in the water.

Inquiry Questions for Further Research:
How would others reach me to join the swim-a-thon?
If a huge event, how would everything run smoothly?
Who would be willing to host such a large event?
What age range of children would I be working with?
Who else would be willing to help me with the lessons?
Would equipment be provided or needed?

My goal for this project is to help the children in the community to swim, thus securing their safety for summer when they want to go in the pool or ocean, and to try to decrease the amount of deaths from

Passionate About Swimming

The thing that I am most passionate about is swimming. I am a competitive swimmer and for those of you who may ask what  stroke I swim, I swim all of the strokes. I love to swim because because I'm very clumsy on land, so anything sports related that doesn't get me soaked, is pretty much a waste of time. Now, that doesn't mean I'm am not competitive because I am still active. But, the chances of me getting hurt are a lot less likely in the water.

I first started taking lessons around the age of three because according to my parents, I always loved the water. Then about three years later, I was suggested by my instructor that I join the swim team. So the next day, we watched the team practice and to be honest, I was very intimidated. I was so used to having only a couple of people in the pool at a time, let alone an entire team filling the small lanes. eventually at the age of seven I joined the team and have been on it ever since.

I enjoy swimming because of the competition and the dedication it demands from you. The entire atmosphere when you enter the pool deck reeks of competitiveness. Without it, we wouldn't be able to push one another to make ourselves the best we can be. It's great to know that there are people there who want to get to the same place with the sport in the future seasons as you do. I go to swim practice every week night for three hours and every Saturday morning for three and a half hours. If that doesn't speak dedication, then I don't know what does. I am very passionate about swimming.